Andrea Celis


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Visual Problem Solver and Meme Enthusiast


Hi, as I said earlier, you can call me Drea. I’m based in NYC and currently working as a designer at Forbes. I’ve been working for the ForbesLive team, which is branding and creating signage for the events Forbes hosts like, Under 30 Summit, Women’s Summit, Philanthropy Summit and those are just some examples.

Though I am currently working on event branding and signage I have a strong background in branding, packaging, layout design and art direction. I can say I have a strong work ethic and am generally a really quick learner.

Studying graphic design at SCAD gave me a deep understanding of visual design and my professional roles have helped refine my skills.

I love what I do and always put 110% into the projects I work on. I hope to help you with yours.


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